AFG Business Protocol

AFG has evolved from a modeling technique to a language. It has become over time a  powerful communication tool between professionals but especially between the doctor  and the patient. This is possible only because everything passes through simple numerical codes, without which there would be no objectivity that brings everyone together.

AFG intervenes as a “differentiating” element in communication. It comes into play from  the moment the patient seeks his professional. It influences messages in the waiting  room, instructs ancillary staff, allows objective explanation of the work, and enables both  verbal and legal advocacy. It directs patient word-of-mouth. Is an important means of  monitoring performance (KPI). All of this is summarized in the AFG Business Protocol  education program.

AFG draws its cultural and executive foundations from hard sciences such as mathematics and geometry, as well as from the figurative arts, tailoring and archeology.

AFG is aimed at dentists and dental technicians, both beginners and experts. AFG foresees a serious, long and precise path (6 meetings of 2 days) which leads to immediate results already on the fourth day. AFG is valid for both analogue and digital and is independent of materials. AFG deals with the functional shape of the teeth, or how they are at the center of the survival of the individual and the species.

AFG comes into play in the marketing of the practice, as a differentiating element, from the first visit of the patient: it supports the estimate, all the processes, up to the post-treatment referral marketing. AFG Dental Academy it is the common home for those who have followed and wants to keep growingwith our school of thought.