“Flaubert used to say, in the French nineteenth century, that pearls as such have their own intrinsic value, but make the necklace precious only thanks to the thread that unites them. This means that that thread, invisible to the eye, has the ability to group the values ​​of the individual pearls, effectively increasing their value in the necklace. This is what happened when a series of intellectual “pearls”, in the strange destiny of life, intertwined their history in a single “thread”. The story of a trio, composed of the genius of Alberto Battistelli, assisted by doctors Dario Severino and Oto La Manna, cross paths with the publisher Peter Asselmann who believes in intuition and disseminates it to the dental universe. “
Dr. Stefano Almini – Teamwork Clinic 5/2019

It was on 11 July 2019, in Rome, at the Isma Room of the Senate of the Italian Republic, when the President of the Senate, the Honorable Senator Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, instructed the Bureau, through Senator Vincenzo Carbone, to award the AFG technique of Alberto Battistelli “Italian Excellence in the World”, recognizing it as an intellectual heritage of all, to be preserved with care and gratitude in the “Unesco Dentistry”.

AFG by Battistelli: Italian Excellence in the World