I Nostri Corsi

AFG Annual Course: modeling and dental anatomy

AFG "color": course on color and stratification

Grow, improve, learn to

teach… but how?

This was what occupied me and still occupies my mind today.

A strange and wonderful inspiration rewarded many years of reflection and research and allowed me to get to AFG.

 A revolutionary technique that led me to decode the secrets of human teeth.

AFG is a pioneering exploration into the invisible underlay of tooth shape through numbers and geometry.

AFG is an objective tool to understand, produce and explain the reason for the functional form

of the teeth and its magical implication in the aesthetics of the smile.

AFG is in fact a journey into our Mediterranean culture, which has been the generator and cradle of the canons of beauty in every aspect of human life, both material and spiritual.

The AFG numerical codes in dental modeling correspond to the background of invisible lines that determine the project and the harmonies in the works of art, as well as to the codified reconstruction work of the archaeologists; it also comes close to the codified work of the master stylists and haute couture that works to measure.

 The project started in 1991 led to the release in 2010 of the 1st book entitled “AFG modeling (Team work media publisher, translated into 13 languages) which summarizes this whole journey.

AFG in 2019 became Italian national pride, thanks to the official recognition of the office of the presidency of the Senate of the Italian Republic, chaired by the Hon. Sen. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, who wanted to reward the technique and all our staff for making AFG an “Italian Excellence in the World”. Today AFG is a subject of study in many public and private schools and universities, both Italian and foreign, even many patients know it and request it from their dentists.