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AFG Annual Course: modellazione e anatomia dentale

AFG: 6 incontri da 2 giorni

AFG posteriori: corso di modellazione dentale

3 giorni (introduttivo)

AFG anteriori: corso di modellazione dentale

3 giorni

AFG "il colore": corso sul colore e sulla stratificazione

3 giorni


Sdt Alberto Battistelli was born on August 29, 1960, in Senigallia (Ancona) Italy. In 1978 he graduated as dental technician at the G. Eastman Istitute of Rome- He obtained the Diplomate I.C.O.I (International Congress of Oral Implantology)

  • National president and Founder of the Italian Dental Technician college (CIO)
  • President and Founder of the GOI – National manager of SICED
  • Honorary president and Founder of AIMOD – AFG (International dental Modeling Academy)
  • Member of the scientific committee of many trade magazines Since 1984 he has held courses, conferences and published many articles in Italy and abroad, like:
  • Specialized in micro-dental technology, he has held course about the use of stereomicroscope in dental field since 1987.
  • Coauthor of the book “Precision in Prosthetic Restauration” Resh Editor 1993, together with Romeo Pascetta and Dr. D. Massironi.
  • Coauthor of the monograph “Researches and verifications for the precision in fixed prosthesis” NLO/7/96
  •  He has created the new technique to model the dental natural and functional shape, based on the mathematical concept named: A.F.G. (Anatomic Functional Geometry) published (Dental dialogue 2002) for the first time in six languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, German and Korean.

On October 2010 he published a book titled “Modelling” about the A.F.G technique (translated into 13 languages) in collaboration with Dr. Dario Severino and Dr. Oto La Manna, edited by “Team Work Media SRL”.

On 2017 he published a AFG copybook with the same editor trasleted in 6 languages.

On 2013 he recived the universitary certificate of SDT (SPECIALIST DENTAL TECHNICIAN) at University of L’ Aquila (Italy), and the universitary certificate of Digital Dental Techinician at Guglielmo Marconi university of Rome


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Alberto Battistelli

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