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AFG, What is it.

AFG is a coded language for designing, modeling and communicating tooth shape and not simply a modeling technique. AFG is based on numbers and geometries obtained from a long study on normal human dentition and not on the approximation or individual fantasies of the operators.

AFG draws its cultural and performance foundations from hard sciences such as mathematics and geometry, as well as fine arts, tailoring and archaeology.

AFG is aimed at dentists and dental technicians, both beginners and experts. AFG foresees a serious, long and precise path (6 meetings of 2 days) which leads to immediate results already on the fourth day. AFG is valid for both analogue and digital and is independent of materials. AFG deals with the functional form of teeth, that is, how they are at the center of the survival of the individual and the species.

AFG comes into play in the marketing of the practice, as a differentiating element, from the first patient visit: it supports the estimate, all the processes, up to the post-treatment referral marketing

AFG Dental Academy is the common home for those who have followed and want to continue to grow with our school of thought.


“Flaubert said, in the middle of the French nineteenth century, that pearls as such have their own intrinsic value, but they only make the necklace precious thanks to the thread that unites them. This means that that thread, invisible to the eye, has the ability to group the values of individual pearls, effectively increasing their value in the necklace. This is what happened when a series of intellectual “pearls”, in the strange destiny of life, wove their story into a single “thread”. The story of a trio, composed of the genius of Alberto Battistelli, assisted by Doctors Dario Severino and Oto La Manna, crosses paths with the publisher Peter Asselmann who believes in intuition and spreads it to the dental universe.”
Dr. Stefano Almini – Teamwork Clinic 5/2019.

It was 11 July 2019, in Rome, at the Isma Hall of the Senate of the Italian Republic, when the President of the Senate, Honorable Senator Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, instructed the Office of the Presidency, through Senator Vincenzo Carbone, to award the AFG technique of Alberto Battistelli “Italian Excellence in the World”, recognizing it as an intellectual heritage of all, to be preserved with care and gratitude in the “Dental UNESCO”.

business protocol

AFG has evolved from a modeling technique to a language. Over time it has become a powerful communication tool between professionals but above all between the doctor and the patient. This is only possible because everything passes through simple numerical codes, without which there would be no objectivity that everyone agrees on. AFG intervenes as a “differentiating” element in communication.

It comes into play from the moment the patient seeks his professional. It influences the messages in the waiting room, instructs the auxiliary staff, allows the objective explanation of the work and allows both verbal and legal defense. It guides the patient’s word of mouth.

It is an important means of monitoring performance (KPI). This is summarized in the AFG Business Protocol education program.


There is also the possibility for those who do not have specific training on AFG to automatically have part of the aforementioned codes within the software called HypsoCad, where with just five clicks it is possible to access the individualized removal of a tooth that respects the mathematics of the tooth of the patient rather than leaving the choice to chance or imagination.


The AFG HypsoCad module provides a revolutionary and innovative criterion for automated tooth shape picking from the AFG library which could be universally applied to all digital libraries.


Our annual dental anatomy and modeling course with the AFG technique is a complete program to learn definitively and once and for all the natural human dental shape, in its natural morpho-functional aspects.

The color module is an AFG course suitable for those who have already learned the shape with the AFG system, but it can be attended by anyone, dental technician or dentist, who wants to delve deeper into a topic that is both ancient and current.