Legitimize what the eye sees arbitrarily


Sdt Alberto Battistelli

The objective should be to observe nature through a backwards journey, to be able to understand the events and structural changes that the teeth experienced before appearing before our eyes to analyze and understand the why of things. The in-depth analysis of these analyzes allows us to perceive the possible primary shape of the teeth and the causes through which this shape has undergone changes and therefore an adaptation to the new situation. Every day we happen to carry out prosthetic reconstructions, more or less complex and extensive, but our field of vision is always limited to analyzing the same details, reducing what our visual abilities could be in favor of a further repetition of what we are used to to execute.

We should give rise to the need in us to learn to read and listen to those forms that would like to speak to us, to give us the solution to our partial blindness. The models speak to us, the teeth would like to tell us their whole story like patients asking for help. So what is more useful and beautiful than deepening and overcoming the limits of our vision to enter the world that everyone calls artistic? Our imagination is misleading and only one method allows us to achieve beauty. We enter the 2000s, my goal is to understand our visual limits to find the solution and to be able to read the real shapes that belong to us. How to do? It is essential to enter the world of measurements, into the paths established by a numerical system that puts us in a position to understand, see and execute the replication of shapes in a more true way. A Method that expresses the concepts of “Beauty”, which I have heard expressed in the artistic world during my understanding, which do not belong to the skill or imagination of the interpreter, but from very specific schemes and readings that approach you to the ideal form through measures. Canova teaches! Mock-up Measurements He was the first Artist with an entrepreneurial mindset. He managed to translate a path of his making through landmarks that he placed on the plaster prototypes to replicate them exactly in marble. MEASURES! All this allowed him to ensure that the collaborators of his workshop in Rome could help him in the progress of the works, then putting Master Canova in a position to complete them in detail, inserting his imprinting recognized everywhere. Beautiful! We think that all this dates back to the end of the eighteenth century. THE THREE GRACES by Antonio Canova. This is the same spirit of Alberto Battistelli’s systematics. Here a thought is born, where, being aware of our own visual limits and approaching our cognitive to the use of a new methodology, a path is outlined through humility and the emotion of change, enlightening us on what no one had ever known arrived, recognized as an Excellence in the World.

This natural overlap of our cognitive attractions meant that we were able to write a story of our thinking and our doing, which allowed us to often be present in conference meetings, where our synergy managed to enter into people’s emotions, creating interest , curiosity and desire for change. A.F.G. It means entering intimately into the world of dental shapes, overcoming the diaphragm that separates the visible from the non-visible and being able to experience the plastic relationship of the shapes. Form is beauty and beauty is form and not all the parts that compose it are easily visible to our senses. It is necessary to free ourselves from visual defects and read the parts that make up the whole. This is the added value of the codified language of a unique performing system such as the A.F.G. Highlighting the points, being able to perceive the invisible lines and following a path of numbers (measurements) through which we will always be in a position to see and replicate what nature has performed in an exemplary way and which often, due to our negligence in the deepening of knowledge, we cannot reproduce. It is a Method that is aimed at both Dentists and Dental Technicians which will allow them to enter a world, too often ignored, which will give a meaning to their actions, managing to communicate to the patient the reason for a certain shape, through a measurable explanation. Let’s start with the 2 key measurements, through which we will be able to create a path of points and volumes and our cognitive will see what the numbers will suggest to us. Establishing the positioning of the cusps so that they can interact in function with the antagonist teeth, defining the trend of an invisible background, using irrefutable measurements will allow the creation of adequate shapes and proportions. The A.F.G. systematics studied and defined in all its details will allow all of us to put concepts and application techniques into practice for the benefit of patients, to the point that we will no longer have to say I’ll show you the teeth I make, but, I’m making your teeth! MEASURES-METHOD Antonio Canova MEASURES-METHOD A.F.G. Alberto Battistelli We must enter the world around us to see it, savor it, touch it and understand it, to be able to know and replicate it through the emotions of our knowledge and the senses that belong to us to ensure that our cognitive memorizes the moment, the information and the numbers that they will be the key to understanding what we will perform. Only in this way will we be able to meet the expectations of those who hope to have found in us the necessary competence to give them their smile.

All this, in short, is A.F.G., all this is Alberto Battistelli in what he has done and in what he makes available to us through his courses. Our hands are the expression of what we know and this allows us to express ourselves in the most appropriate way, belonging to and narrating Aesthetics. As the oft-quoted St. Augustine said: “Number is an integral part of beauty, nothing can be done except using measures to reach the emotion of Nature.” The world is made of numbers, man belongs to numbers… And I will never forget when Alberto and I, to end the Millennium 1900, found ourselves discussing measures at the New York Marathon, which in that context were not they were millimeters but kilometers, always with a single common denominator: Emotion! And through emotion I am sure that other numbers, other dreams, other projects, will give color and flavor to other moments of our lives.

Thanks Alberto!